Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over This $13 Tool That Catches Hair in Your Shower

Aug 30th, 2017 By: Raul Tellez
Topics: Expert Cleaning Advice

If you've got a hairy situation in your drain, you need this.

Fixing a clogged drain in your shower is never an easy (or fun) process. If you dread the task just as much as we do, well, get excited because now there's a product that promises to keep your shower drains unclogged for good, and everyone on Amazon is obsessing over it.

ShowerShroom, which launched last month, is a life-changing invention that captures all the hair and other debris that ends up in your shower drain. It's from the same folks that made the TubShroom and SinkShroom, but the brand's newest product is designed to fit in any standard 2" shower stall drain with no special tools required.


So how does it work? Remove your shower drain cover, place the little cylinder inside your drain, and put the cover back on. From now on, any type of hair that goes down your drain will wrap around the ShowerShroom, and all you have to do is remove the gadget once a month and wipe the collected hair off with a tissue. Genius, right?

The ShowerShroom comes in three different colors and is available on Amazon.